Renewal of Liturgy in the Emerging Church


So my first chapter of two for the Baker book project is drafted.  In it I locate consumerism as a major problem for church, offer a diagnosis of it's symptoms and a correlation to the state of the emerging church, and conclude that despite it's best aspirations it isn't doing too well (in terms of leading to new Christians and reproduction of Christen mission and identity).

I'm working on the second chapter that draws on some suggestions from the first chapter, on the possibilities of liturgy for the stabilization of christian identity, and in overcoming the genetic dead end of 'private God space' ecclesiologies that have been emerging.  

In it, I'll be trying to sketch out how we are all liturgical, the nature of liturgy, and it's possibilities for identity formation in ecclesiology, in contrast to consumer ecclesiolgies of fragmentation and isolation.

In other words, how can 'corporate embodied worship', form us in Christen identity, and for mission, as an alternative to the isolation and fragmentation of consumer liturgies.