Huge day in my life today


I've written previously, and thanked for your prayers and support, as we have fought our local authority to provide for our youngest daughters special education needs.  Well yesterday was a whirlwind in that saga, that makes today a major one in our household.

The nature of large government institutions is that when they say no, trying to respond requires so much force of protest by way of legal action, and confrontation. When they say yes, it's like a switch flips and things move immediately, and the wall of a dam is washed away.

So our local authority yesterday conceded our daughters needs in full, issued legal documents, contacted the school we wanted her to have a place at, and arranged everything within an hour.  So today is her last day at her current school as they break for Christmas. She will move in the new year to her new special education school.

I thought after the last 3 years, that if this day came I would be elated, but instead I find myself tired, a little dejected, and more than a little sad.  The success of this appeal is a reminder of my baby girl's struggles in life.

So today as a family, we will be there to see our daughter leave the school that all my children have been to.  Instead of seeing her leave in the summer with all the other crying children as they move to high school, even her leaving will be in isolation from her peers.

So some sadness for her today, and some poignancy, as I become a father whose children have all left the school they grew up in.