How has your social media life changed in 2008?


Fernando Gros (who not only has a cool name, but has one of my favourite blogs), sent me a poll/survey through facebook, asking if twitter and other social media tools had changed my relationship with blogging.

(I've lost the link to the poll, so haven't seen the results but hope to get it from him asap.)

But it got me to thinking, as I look back on so many aspects of 2008, that my blogging worldhas  changed significantly.

Previously my main interactions were with my blog and emails from people, either comments or private emails.  Then I found that facebook and twitter, and other micro/nano blogs opened up a whole new world of interactions and possibilities.

My interactions have become richer, multiplied, and diversified.  Its one of the reasons I've changed my to be a doorway into my social media life (if you want a similar doorway contact J D Hollis who built the site for me, he's a legend) .  And that move at the start of this Autumn, took things to a whole new level.

My blog life here at Deep Church is still central to my online life, but it is now in a larger and more complex context.  So many more of my interactions now happen outside here, or in spaces related to here.  The de-centering of my blog, has been exciting.

How has your social media life changed over the last year?