Christian identity & the nature of church in Consumer Culture


Today and tommorow, I'm writing my first draft (from my research notes over the last few months), of the first of two chapters of my book project with Pete Rollins, Scott McKnight, and Kevin Corcoran.  I'll be getting to my second chapter and will blog about it later this week.

This first chapter is in three parts.  

1.  My Story: Firstly I'll give some of the story of my location with and to Emerging Church, as a church planter, and my academic work.  

2.  Consumerism: Then I'll be describing one problem surfaced from my own context, that I think the wider western church and E/C face, of consumerism as religious system, and how it affects belief and practice in church life and the formation of Christian identity.

3.  Assessment: Lastly I'll make an assessment of emerging church in relation to this description, suggesting areas where it is working well and areas where it has become captive to consumerism for it's ecclesiology.