Best blogs of 2008


It's that time of year, and I'm looking back, and reviewing stuff.  One thing for that review is the blogs I have enjoyed this year.  So here's a run down of the top dozen I track the most and some reasons why.  (BTW all the blogs I track are listed here.)

Any Rowell: is a DTh students at Duke Divinity, relatively new to blogging.  I keep finding him commenting at other blogs I like to read, and I look forward to his posts, on church and intersections with his research on the nature of church.

Ben Witherington: is shaping up as the New Testament version of Scott McKnight.  His commentary on Mark has been a main read for my sunday teaching this past year.  His blog is a mix of personal journal, and observations of church as it intersects with his interests. He wrote one of the best critiques of Frank Viola that I have come across and steer people to.

Dan Wilt: has one of the best looking blogs ever, he's a fellow Vineyard Church guy, and is making the most amazing steps in exploring the nature of worship, and it's depth with regards to our emerging culture.

Fernando Gros: is also a contender for the best looking blog, and very different to Dan Wilt's in design, but so creative.  When it comes to commentary on culture that is outside the usual blog platitudes, Fernando is someone who has something I always want to listen to.  I think he's one of the best culture blogggers out there.  He also has a great name for an eponymous blog.

Dan Kimball: is someone I have a lot of time for and respect and I like where Dan has landed with regards to the Emerging Church.

Robin Parry:  is the acquisitions editor for Paternoster, and a good mate.  A shared interest in all things Sci-Fi, and he's theologically sharp, with a wicked sense of humor.

Theopolitical:  subtitled as, 'Bridging the endless and treacherous gap between theological academia and pop-culture politics', this is 'The' blog for me with the smartest posts in the area of my research interests, resourced by the authors I have been reading the most these past two years.

Chris Tilling: Chris was a member of our church plant so many years ago, I think I had hair when we met.  Then he went of to Germany, is close to finishing a PhD in NT stuff, and has returned to teach in London.  Chris is super smart, and super funny.  Probably the most satirical and entertaining blogger for me in 2008.  He also wrote the shortest review (I've seen) of Pagan Christianity.

Alan Mann:  is another friend, and prolific writer, producing a blog with superb commentary on church and society.

Faithmaps: I've relied on Stephen Shields faithmaps blog for years for a round up and heads up on broader trends within the larger emerging church conversation.

Jamie Smith: What can I say, he's the kind of intellect and person of character I aspire to be.  Jamie is someone I listen to and take a lead from in so much of my hopes and aspirations for theology and church.

Paul Mayers: last but not least, my running buddy, co-blogger, friend, fellow church member, and co-dreamer of all things Deep Church.

So what blogs have influenced you the most in 2008?