Origins: new missional network


There's a new missional network emerging, over at I'm interested and supportive of it for a few reasons.

1. Dan Kimball & Scott McKnight: Two guys I know and have interacted with, and who I respect greatly, and trust immensely are behind this.

I also know and connect with Dan through George Fox, where he is finishing his D.Min and teaches as an adjunct. In january I'm presenting from the two chapters of a book I have written, that Scott has also written for.

2. Focus, Values & Practices: As I've talked with Dan and on reading the site, the listed values have resonated with me. A network centred around relationships, a commitment to the bible, evangelism, innovation in mission, and regard for the church.

Now the big question is, what commitments to the bible, and evangelism, mission and church? Those will set the tone and flavour of this group, as it does for all others. From my interactions so far, I love Dan & Scott's approach to scripture, evangelism, mission and the church.

Far be it from me to delineate what those commitments and values are, and if I could suggest a series of blog posts for Dan, it would be on those areas. What is the networks geography with regards to scripture, evangelism, mission and church? In fact Dan has already been sketching this out on his blog.

And I'm sure that will be forthcoming as the network develops and talks about what it hopes to do and be. And on 1st December you can hear Dan live via teleseminar, talking about The Origins Projects hopes and aspirations.

The first Origins Event is in Germany, Jan 8-9th.