Further prayer request: my daughter


Back in October I put this prayer request in a post, about our struggles to secure support for our youngest daughter's special education needs.

Thank you again for all your comments, emails and prayers. If you are able can you pray especially this week, as our local education authority (LEA) have confirmed that they will meet to finalise provision for our daughter wednesday 19th November.

That have delayed, and broken statutory timelines, previously, so I'm not holding my breadth. This time however they have given this indication to our member of parliament who has intervened on our behalf.

It's long and complex (see my last post), and I hope the LEA do finalise this week, and don't delay and thus force us to appeal. Our lawyers believe they have no possibility for winning an appeal, but might cause us to have to enter one, with all the costs of reports, and private assessments (a further several thousand pounds), only to have them concede before the appeal date.