Even psychics need to advertise... musings on why churches need structures


Paul writes... it always makes me chuckle every time I see a poster advertising a psychic fair. Surely, I think to myself, if they really are psychic they all should just know where and when to go. But nope even the masters of mental though projection and mind reading need to resort to such mundane things as venue hiring and communicating by more normal means with each other.

Which has got me thinking if psychics can't do it then i'm pretty sure even the most prophetic of chrisitans can't do it either (unless you no otherwise?). In that case where does all my romantic musings of spontaneous church come from?

You know those thoughts about how great it would be if we could just all hang out together without all the hassle of structures that allow organising, planning, arranging. Couldn't we just meet somewhere at some time?

heh what about right now at where ever?

What do you mean you're busy and don't know where that is? What's wrong with you people do I have we have to work out everything in advance and I have to tell you everything?

Now I work indirectly for the government and I know how we love to have 10 meetings when 1 would suffice and know that nothing is ever done right unless there are 100 people involved in planning it. Well ok it still doesn't go right but then there are 99 great excuses for why that happens.

We can over organise. We can get bogged down in the minutia of organising without ever getting an to a point or end product but does that make all structures a bad thing? We can do so for very good reason: "i just have an idea but I don't want to impose my idea on anyone else, it's only me and well all your idea and suggestions are just as valid." Did i mention i was a creative type too?

Does someone making a decision and having a means to deliver that decision such a bad thing? I know we can swing the other way and have a diktat culture imposed by a power hungry dictatorship of the unreasonable which is just as unhealthy. But surely between these extremes lies many different forms of structure that work well?

And by working well in the Christian context I mean it allows us to meet as community to serve our community. It allows us to find ways to spend time together to share our lives together. It involves us in thinking, planning and trying to break free from the tyranny of our diaries, PDAs and outlook calendars to give our lives to the Lord of all time.

How that looks: programmes, pastors (paid or othewise), group gatherings, brandings, advertising collectives, lay leaders, diaries, meetings, venues of all sizes and descriptions I'll leave to you and your particular taste...