Surviving Meetings: Portal device to a new dimension?


I've arrived back at my desk, to find that SurvivingMeetings have sent me their new Paper Show bluetooth pen to review.

First impressions, it comes in a very cool box, is PC only but will hopefully run in windows on my mac, and they have some some videos on their site about the Pen (that are worth watching, and may remind you more about office life than the need for a new computer gadget) that make something very clear.

This is not a gadget, and whist it looks like funky pen from Shaper Image it is actually a trans-dimensional gateway device that allows entry into the time space nexus of The Office (But judging from the videos the NBC one and not the UK version with Ricky Gervais).

I'll let you know how it goes in there, and if I make it back. I will of course be emailing feedback today, asking for a Mac and Ricky Gervais portal/version.

Now I wonder what it will open up at the theology seminar I am going to later today?.......