Short term catechism urban missional order


In my church community, as we have sought to facilitate the formation of Christian identity in our consumer and secular culture, one thing we have done is embrace the church calendar.

Retelling the Christ event, of advent, passion, restoration and exaltation, together, as we seek a cruciform identity in a world that says just pick whatever identity you want for now.

We're trying to take that process deeper in catechism, and I've read and pondered for some time the notion of a 'rule of faith' based around St Benedict, a kind of urban monasticism

Immediate problems have been how to do that without producing an exclusive group, that doesn't want a connection to our wider church, and is something others can't access, as it has too many hurdles.

So we are going to try out catechism as a short term mission. For 40 days, you don't get on a plane to somewhere else, but engage in mission where you live, and work, with extreme intentionality. In a world where we are forced to fit Christianity in the private, and when we have attended to everyone elses demands including our own, what would happen if we reversed that.

What if we eliminated some of the banality of consumer life, as training for the good life of the Kingdom? Could we develop habits that would stay with us, and life changing missional experiences?

I'll be logging more about this, the reasons behind it, the nature of it, and how it goes as we engage in it. We're hoping people will do it at least once, and have successive versions, and that a long term urban monastic community evolves that resources the lager life of our church.

So here is the video of the powerpoint and my explanation to our church community.

Flow from Jason Clark on Vimeo.