Putting your church community online: where to get support


I hope your enjoying the new Deep Church site, and design. J D Hollis, has been superb in rolling this out for me, I can't recommend him more highly.

If any of you have made your way to the web site for my church community, you may have noticed it has had a major facelift. BTW we had several hundred downloads just last weekend of the presentation about our new short term catechism at the site. Also we get hundreds of monthly podcast downloads too.

Anyhow the site has a had a major overhaul by our in house web guru, Dave Sztypuljak. Dave has been in our church community for so many years I've lost count. A man of great character, and technical genius, he has been making all our community online aspirations become reality, from blogs, to podcasts, to content management, to our main web site, not to mention the online videos, and DVD's from events.

In addition to our stuff Dave has been doing some work on the side, but has gone public with a new site, www.websztes.co.uk.

Dave will be offering, to 'specialize in creating websites for charities, churches and small businesses.' So if you need some help in this area, from someone technically able, but who also understands deeply the nature of online community formation, do contact him. You won't be disappointed.

And Dave, thanks for all you do to bring our church community into it's online formation.