Prayer request: our daughter


Our youngest daughter has special education needs, and has undergone a battery of assessments by all kinds of specialists over the past few years.

Now we are in a face off with our local education authority. They are in an impossible situation and with supreme conflict of interest. They have a limited pot of money, and have to make all the kids who need help fit that pot rather than impartial assessment then funding by another government agency.

I'm sure they are good people in an impossible situation.

So it has taken a great deal of money, lawyers, meetings and time to get to the stage we are at. We have the reports and assessments, that say our daughter needs to be in very small classes with specialist provision for her education.

Our local authority are making noises that they think she can go into a main stream school, mostly due to cost considerations. We believe this would lead to a further deterioration in her mental health, well being, and fail her educationally.

Our local authority meet next week to make their decision, so would value your prayers.

So please if you are minded and have the time, pray that God's will would be done for our daughter, that we would know his peace that she is His, and that our request would be met with understanding, mercy and support.

Otherwise we move to the next stage which is to appeal, and tribunal, and much more money for lawyers and reports and assessments, not to mention time and emotional distress.

I have been spending literally dozens of hours each month in reports, letters, lawyers, meetings, and my emotional bandwidth is being taxed to the limit. As a father seeing the struggles his daughter is already in, during this process, I just wish it would be resolved now, so she and we can move on.

The school we have requested, that our local authority already sends children too, seems superb. Our daughter spent three days there for assessment, and leaving, said she enjoyed it so much, we asked her why and her reply was:

1. She could do all the work, and that made her feel good 2. She had lots of friends who didn't want her to leave, and she struggles with friendships with her peers at present 3. It made her feel safe, and happy

Then we saw how much calmer, peaceful, and at ease with herself she was for a few days afterwards. This is the school we want to see her placed in.