More details on my new blog focus


So I've explained why I have moved my blogging to, whilst developing as my social media portal.  I've also explained here, the shift in focus with regards to my ongoing emerging church relationship.

I thought in this post I'd explain more about the kinds of things I'll be posting and when, so in no particular order:

1.  Emerging Church:  Emerging, missional, will still be a locus for conversation but given the re-focus I have mentioned in the links above.

2.  Reflective Practice:  Elements of theological reflection on the nature of church, and christians life as well as stories from church.

3.  Church Planting:  Whilst I have referenced events and issues from my church community, I'm planning in putting more in here in terms of the life, practices and challenges of church planting.

4.  Personal:  Whilst from time to time I have included personal items (such as my depression and mental health within emerging church conversations), I'm going to be putting a lot more of me, my life, reflections, and items into the posts.

5.  Guest Authors:  I see the value and need for single author blogs and enjoy many of them (I've found it slightly ironic that some people who decry churches as places for megalomaniacs who stifle participation, then use blogs to broadcast a single voice and not even interact with others in the comments), but this site will have multiple authors, although I'll remain the main writer.

For our site here, given it's nature and focus, we'll continue to develop the guest authors we have been having.  This includes authors of books who can have a chance to interact with others, allows for regular bloggers to post and interact here without the pressure of having their own blog, offers unknown bloggers an opportunity to be connected and have others find a route back to their blogs, and gives us breadth and participation around the theme of this site.

6.  Deep Church:  Of course we'll be mapping and exploring all things Deep Church.

7. Irenic:  This is more a value and practice, that of generous and gracious interactions, aimed at understanding. Disagreement is expected, with vigorous interactions, but through the asking of questions for clarification, and referring to what is written and said, not just emotional reaction.  

There are enough polarizing and antagonistic blogs, and we hope this one maintains a different atmosphere.  So comments are moderated, we want this to be a safe place and space.

So those are most of the things I hope this site will have going forward.