Review: Why am I blogging here?


So my site has been turned into my web 2.0 mashup, a kind of contact and front door to my flickr/fireeagle/twitter/facebook micro and nano blogging world.

My blogging that used to be there will now take place on this site.  You can search the archive at for old content and posts, in fact since January 2004, I posted 1,472 items with 10,359 non spam real world comments.

Why did I move my blogging to the Deep Church site?

1.  Others:  I'm collaborating with others, more so than ever within a particular focus, and doing that under 'deep church' instead of my name, seems more open for others to write with me.

2. New Focus:  I'm changing my focus for blogging, as I alluded previously, and will blog about that over the next few weeks.  I'll detail why I am going to talk of my emerging church connection as something in the past, and use that language less going forward.  And I'll explain why.

3.  Social Media Mashup & Portal:  I wanted my named site to have the micro/nano social media world, and my blog which is a bit more old school.