Open Source Learning Community


One key aspect of the D.Min program I will be leading for George Fox, is the 'open source' nature of the program.

Other than student grades, we are going to try through social media to have the course materials, discussions, etc freely available to anyone who wants to participate with us. My hope is that lots of people who would benefit from some or all of the program, but can't be registered students will join us.

If there is a node of students working at the heart of this, my biggest dream is to foster an extended learning community around the focus of the D.Min.

So some ideas, so far, for how that might work:

1. Twitter: Follow along with us as we use grouptweet for posting interactions in our own contexts with what we are learning

2. Books/Podcasts/Videos etc: Whatever I recommend, whatever other students come across we'll share with everyone, and what ever others in the extended learning community recommend we'll share.

3. Blogs: Students will have blogs and all their papers and reflections will go on there, so others can find and interact with them directly.

4. Facebook: Build an extended community for everyone following along, for news, information and updates on all that's going on.

5. Face 2 Face: In the three visits to three continents, make research times, teaching sessions, excursions, open to people who want to join us and participate, to help their learning and ours.

6. Other web 2.0: Also have the students and others connected to the learning community use Dopplr, and FireEagle location services to connect with each other, and locate each other for meeting up in real time.

Any ideas you have for how we might extend and make this happen?