Michael Frost in London

Michael Frost will be in the UK and in London, and one place he will be at is The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

He'll be there, Friday October 10th, 10am to 4pm, more details from LICC here.

Text from their site: Next.generation.church: Rethinking Church, mission and evangelism.

All Events Friday October 10th, 10am to 4pm at LICC

With Michael Frost

This conference day is hosted by LICC in partnership with the Evangelical Alliance and Focus Radio.

Some think that the writing is on the wall for the Church in the west. Not only do the statistics paint a bleak picture of dwindling church attendance but Christianity seems like a spent cultural force: it appears that the only time anybody’s interested in what we have to say is when infighting over the role of women or the Church’s attitude to gays can help sell some papers.

Some however are singing loud and proud ‘The Church is dead, long live the Church’ – that our diminishing dominance of British culture gives us great opportunity to rediscover our roots and shape Christian communities according to Christ’s gospel priorities.

On this consultation day Mike Frost - who has provided key thinking and action in this area in his native Oz - will challenge and equip young leaders to realise their part in leading the charge and shaping next.generation.church. He’ll be helped along the way by LICC staff, Antony Billington and Nigel Hopper and the Evangelical Alliance’s Fred Drummond.

This consultation is specifically designed for younger leaders and will include special opportunities for discussion and dialogue, before and after the gathering.

Michael Frost is professor of evangelism and missions at Morling college in Sydney, Australia. He is the missional architect of one of Australia’s most innovative churches called smallboatbigsea and has written several books including Exiles and the influential The Shaping of Things to Come which he co-wrote with Alan Hirsch. He’s also the co-director of Forge, a missional training network for young leaders.

Antony Billington is the LICC’s resident Bible expert and director of Faculty. Nigel Hopper is LICC’s lecturer in contemporary culture and Fred Drummond is the minister of Perth Riverside church and the national director of Evangelical Alliance Scotland.

Things you need to know:

Booking: Please book in advance as entry can’t be guaranteed on the day. Please book online via the Evangelical Alliance here.

Cost: The cost is £20, Concessions £15

Refreshments: Pastries on arrival, hot drinks throughout the day and a buffet lunch will be provided all part of entry price.

Venue: LICC, Central London, St Peter’s Church, Vere Street, W1G 0DQ. Details can be found here.

For further information: call LICC on 0207399 9555 or the Evangelical Alliance on 0207 207 2109