Is google making us stupid?


My favourite journal, Mars Hill have this great article with several links to key articles on how our online multitasking world, might be making us hollow, superficial, less understanding, able to manage information flow, but lost from any real attentativeness and deep formation.

The headline article, 'Is google making us stupid?' is here.

Previously the ability to 'single task' was the heights of learning, yet that left us with an inability to cope in our emerging world of complexity and change, that required the rise of the 'multitasker'. Now the multi tasker practices leads us to new problems of being unable to to 'single task'.

In my own life, I have always thrived on being able to juggle lots of things at once, and in our google world it gives me an advantage. I have found in my studies that I need lots of things going on to study, and I know enough educational theory to know, that short creatives bursts, with other stimulus works well for me.

But I am challenged on reading these articles, because in my research and studies, I am struggling to find 'single task' traction, and focus, and know that I need to. That formation is tiring, and literally makes my brain hurt. My neurones are now trained in quick, fast processing of multiple layers of information for quick presentations.

I feel the need for the 'single task' for deeper thinking. But I don't think it's an either or senario. Like those books that tell us that we once lived in a left brained world, and now the future belongs to the right brained. That's just as lop sided.

We need left and right, and in this instance 'single' and 'multitask', to value both, and find the balance in combining each others abilities.