I'm moving on...read carefully!


OK, so I've been hinting at some big changes with my blog, in terms of design, location and focus. Here is the first lot of information, that practical stuff so you know where to find me, as I move blog house.

1. www.jasonclark.ws: This site will still be here, but I won't be blogging at this address anymore. Instead www.jasonclark.ws will be the place to connection with me, with all things web 2.0. There will be feeds for Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Friend Feed, Tripit etc.

In short www.jasonclark.ws will be the place to locate, connect and contact me, with news, updates and micro/nano blog items. The new www.jasonclark.ws site goes live early next week.

2. www.deepchurch.org.uk: All my blogging will take place at www.deepchurch.org.uk from next week.

The site has had a re-design and facelift and is live as of today.

3. Focus: I'm going to start my new blogging life at Deep Church, with the promised series that summarises my time in emerging church conversations, where I think I am at with it, and the new focus for the site. All that will be over at Deep Church from monday next week.

4. RSS Feeds: There's other information about feeds, but I'll post more here and there. But if you are reading this in a newsreader, sorry for the hassle but get over to www.deepchurch.org.uk and book mark the new feed for my blogging.

5. Your help?: And if you can help get the word out and write a post on your blogs about the move, to help people find the new address, that would be great, thank you! But in short if you want to catch me blogging, visit and bookmark www.deepchurch.org.uk, and if you want to web 2.0 social media interact with me, www.jasonclark.ws is where I'll be for that stuff.