Can you tag text documents? Help!


I've got over 250,000 words of notes from my PhD reading already. In terms of workflow I regularly review those notes, and write short papers, and revise my methodology.

I also make mind maps to try to find and see the bigger connections. But I have realized I could really do with is the ability to tag text in my notes, to help me as that repository gets larger and larger.

If I could tag key thoughts with references to my methodology, key concepts and recurring themes, I could then pull those tags all together on an ongoing basis. Otherwise I am always going back to review, condense, and re-organise and increasingly large amount of information.

I want to be able to hit a button, and have a key concept that I have identified in all my reading, as I read, to be pulled through into a document. Another example is that some reading and notes might relate to a chapter of my thesis, I'd love to be able to tag notes as 'chapter 1' etc, so again I can hit a button and have all ideas for chapter 1 collected together.

I've stumbled upon Tinderbox, by Eastgate, which seems to be able to do this, but has a steep learning curve.

So I'm wondering if any of you have come across something that would let me achieve this goal/process for my workflow, or if any of you have any experience of Tinderbox?