Time to change my name?


Mainly due to abuse by my parents when I was growing up, I often have contemplated changing my last name over the years.

More recently one of my brothers, emailed me to let me know that when looking for me online, he found a satanist, called Jason Clark. Seems as of today that this Jason Clark has found me and is linking to my site.

Maybe it is time to change my name after all ;-)!?

Some ideas for my potential new last name, that I have considered are:

1. Melkis: It's my maternal grandmothers name, from my step grandfather, a Latvian name. She is the one family member who offered love and nurture to me.

2. Vandoros: The name of a friend from Zimbabwe, I just think Jason Vandoros sounds very cool, and I think.

Of course both are good for domain name registrations :-) Which one or alternative do you think would suit me the most?