more power to blog commenters


Billed as Twitter for comments, BlackType is the new kid on the block for following others comments and for others to see where you are commenting.

I'm taking it for a spin. As I understand it, now that I am registered, every time I comment on a blog, and fill in that comment form with the address of my site, BackType collects all those comments together, and you can follow me on BackType here.

This means I and others have one place to view all the comments I am leaving, and where I am discussing. Also it allows me to follow others, like twitter, and see what discussions and blogs they are posting on and in.

Back in early 2006 I wrote this piece about one of the problems of blogs, how they repeat the communication process they long to break, of one megalomaniac speaking, and everyone else listening, with a few acolytes getting to take part.

I linked to co-comment at that time, but it requires a plug in which was one step too many. BackType is much easier, and looks very promising.

You can read an in depth piece on BackType here.

All I need now is an application that parses this with twitter and facebook.