Mind & Soul


I've written some before, on my own struggles with mental health issues, and being a Christian.

So I am always keen to promote anything that helps Christians with mental health, and I thought I'd update you on my friend Rob Waller, who has been developing Mind & Soul, over the past few years.

Mind and Soul have a new website, and some partnership with Premier Radio, along with a public launch conference on October 3rd in London. If I wasn't away I'd be at it for sure.

Mind and Soul have the most wonderful approach initiated by Christians qualified in medical and psychological backgrounds. Their vision:

Vision * To provide high quality, accessible resources that engage with mental and emotional health, informed by the Christian theology and the latest scientific expertise.

* To initiate and facilitate local support networks, empowering and engaging the local church and enhancing mental health services.

* To enable people to meet with God and receive healing in the midst of emotional distress, presenting a holistic approach to mental health that incorporates the spiritual and the psychological.