Mark Driscoll unleashed


Mark Driscoll and the Emerging church are joined at the hip. Mark seems to be pathologically inclined to produce anti emerging church statements and videos, and some sections of the emerging church seem to be just as pathological in being anti Mark Driscoll.

Whilst I find Mark's approach to women in ministry, and his public rhetoric something that troubles me, but I have met some of the people from his community, and I am impressed with the concrete missional community they have. Real churches with real people, doing mission, and not just talking endlessly about how they dislike church, or hypothesizing about church.

This is late notice, I only just found out myself. Seems Mark is in the UK, and tonight (Friday 11th July) is at St James, Clerkenwell at 8pm.

The event tonight has been described in the advertising as:

"At ‘Driscoll Unleashed’, Mark will be free to raise the issues he feels we all need hear! This is open to all and there is no need to book, so tell your friends / church members / colleagues about it and just turn up on the night."