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I hope you all enjoyed the excellent posts on our themed week of christian engagement with animals, I certainly feel more challenged about how individually and as a community care and tend for creation. My thanks go to Ben, Karen and Stephen for taking time out to write for the site and to interact with us.

You may be wondering where you can go next so we've put together a list of resources that might fire your imagination further:

1. Biblical materials on animals

2. Church statements on animals

3. On prayers for animals (for use in worship) Andrew Linzey, Animal Rites (SCM Press/The Pilgrim Press, 1999)

and a Service for Animal Welfare published by the RSPCA

4. On theology and animals Andrew Linzey, Animal Theology (SCM Press/University of Illinois Press, 1994) Andrew Linzey, Creatures of the Same God (Winchester University Press, 2007) C. S. Lewis's Theology of Animals

5. Animals and the Christian Gospel Andrew Linzey, Animal Gospel (Westminster John Knox Press, 1998)

6. Books of readings on Christianity and animals: Andrew Linzey and Dorothy Yamamoto (eds), Animals on the Agenda (SCM Press/University of Illinois Press, 1998) Andrew Linzey and Tom Regan (eds), Animals and Christianity: A Book of Readings (Wipf and Stock, 2008)

7. Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics

8. Ben is involved with Not one sparrow and check his article here.

9. Christian Vegetarian Association (UK & US).

10. Essays by Matthew Halteman (“Compassionate Eating as Care of Creation”), Matthew Scully (“A Religious Case for Compassion for Animals”).

11. Steve Webb's book “Good Eating