Understanding myself and others

I've always enjoyed and benefitted from various psychometric tools and related training skills over the years.

Today we revisited the DISC test with our office and staff team, with coaching from my friend Jamie Pennington.

If you are in a christian organisation and want someone who is an expert in these tools, as well as having an understanding of Christian organisation do try Jamie. I know he coaches ordinands at Ridley for example.

Any way for those who know, and want to know mine, I'm an INFJ (myers briggs), and when it comes to DISC I am 'Red' (I'm all about taking action'.

I work in a team of mostly 'green' people who are strong on empathy and others feelings. We have one 'blue' team member who is all about facts and data, and they make a great operations manager as a result.

The training today reminds me how different we are, yet how similar we to others, and the need to understand each other and ourselves better. The result is better team work, and becoming more of what we are called to be in our own roles.