Consumer Indigestion


With the 'credit-crunch' in full swing, the daily media churning out predictions of inflation, recession, housing market collapse, food cost increases, oil price expectations of $250 a barrel, the consumer apocalypse seems nigh.

We've binged on cheap energy, and cheap credit, yet I don't think this will be a long term collapse, more like indigestion after the 10 year bender we have been on.

So we'll get over this, make some changes, the markets will move on to new areas, and we'll remember this as the 'energy/credit crises' of 2008.

But it's going to come back again and again. I've been using this time to take a long look at my connection to spending, what I think I need for a 'good life', and wondering how much I contribute to this round of indigestion.

The Story of Stuff, remains for me the most compelling video that raises to consciousness and understanding, why we are in this situation, and how it just can't carry on.