Alan Hirsch UK Masterclass - 17th July 2008


Together In Mission, have Alan Hirsch teaching a 'master class'.

It's on the 17th July, and details can be downloaded here.

I've talked with Alan quite a bit over the last few years (less so over the last couple), and like a lot of what he writes. I disagree with a a lot of his theses and analyses, but he has been one of the most gracious, and thoughtful people I have interacted with.

I use his co-authored, 'Shaping of Things to Come' as an elective text with my MA/M.Div Students.

Some info from the advert that was sent to me:

"Dovetailing with MA in Missional Leadership Summer School, from 11am on Thursday to 2pm on Friday, we are excited to have Alan Hirsch join us for a special Masterclass.

As you will know Alan is an international contributor in the conversation about mission to Western cultures. With Mike Frost he wrote Shaping of Things to Come and also The Forgotten Ways. We are expecting many mission minded thinkers and practitioners to join us for this special two day event."