Survey Results: What kind of theologian are you?


So one week later after making and posting this quiz, here are the results so far.

Quiz taken by 253 people to date, and listed in order of popularity

Type 3: Correlationist You are in the middle of the types here. You do not allow any one framework to be used, and see all philosophies and world views as potentially helpful dialogue partners You do not buy into anyone one world view overall, but try to correlate your faith with whatever context you find yourself. It's a delicate balance that you don't always achieve. You are most like Paul Tillich 120 times, 42% -------

Type 2: Accomodationist Whilst taking Christian distinctives seriously, you find within non christian philosophies, particular world-views that must be taken more seriously than others. For example post-modernity, and some specific philosophy within that might be the thing that sets the agenda against which christianity must align itself in all areas. You use contemporary thought to re-interpret what you see as the core of the Gospel and abandon anything that does not fit that process. You are most like Rudolf Bultmann.

33 times, 11% -------------

Type 4: Traditioned Like type 3 you don't allow any one world view to dominate an accommodation of your beliefs. You see type 3 as unstable, and that there is no neutral middle place to stand. Instead you are committed to a Christian belief tradition, but know that you need to test it against other worldviews. You see your faith as the location to critique other world views "Faith seeking understanding' might be your motto. You are most like Karl Barth

68 times, 24% ----------------

Type 5: Christian Fundamentalist You are the mirror image of Type 1. You reject all non christian world views and frameworks. You do not see the need for dialogue, and other beliefs are only valid where they conform to your Christian beliefs You see things from the inside out. People see you as black and white and as a fundamentalist. You are most like Richard Dawkins

31 times, 11% -------------

Type 1: Fundamentalist You have a world view and set of beliefs that theology must fit around and is always inferior to. You might be a material atheist, secularist, or have some other religious world view, around which theology must fit, or be disregard. You have a great deal in common with the type 5 'Inside Out - Christian Fundamentalist', and approach your beliefs in the same way. You are most like Richard Dawkins

36 times, 12%

(seems quizilla have had an update and the quiz is now gone)