Prayer Request


I usually restrict my posts to the theme of my blog, but have over the years felt the need to ask my readers if they could pray for support if so minded.

Today is one of those days.

My youngest daughter as special education needs, and is moving to high school next year (Autumn 2009), and requires a 'Statement', which is a legal document from our local government authority (LEA) that then allows us to look for a school, and have her needs met by local government.

The first hurdle is having the LEA agree to assess her for a statement. Most of the time they usually say no automatically, due to funding restrictions, and wait for parents to appeal and take legal action.

So we marshaled all our specialists reports, engaged a lawyer, threatened legal action from the start, and miraculously they agreed to assess our daughter. Everyone was surprised, all the education specialists etc. Not because they don't think our daughter needs special support, but that the LEA always say no to assessment in the first instance.

So many people in my church community have been praying, and this felt like an answer to those prayers. And now we are at the next hurdle, the assessment itself.

In the next 10 weeks, our LEA will assess our daughter and issue (or not!) a statement. Again the expectation is the LEA offer as little as possible and we then have to appeal, and take further legal action and advice.

It is a tiring and expensive process, and has opened my eyes to how vulnerable parents are who don't have support and the means to engage lawyers.

Any how, with all this pre-amble, is the request to others for prayer, if you are so minded, that our daughter get the statement of needs she needs, and not the one that the LEA have the money for.

To say this process is tiring, time consuming and weighing on me is an understatement. But I take hope in that we have got to this stage, and feel the love and support of friends, our church community, and the peace of Jesus through so many prayers.