More recovering of my evangelicalism


I've written a couple of explicit posts about summarising how the last few years have had me re-evaluate my evangelicalism, and it's renewal and recovery.

I won't repeat the list of affirmations from that post here, and they remain much the same as I review them today.

I would add to them, that I am convinced more than ever of the lapsarian nature of the world (doctrine of the fall and original sin), and humanity, and it's need for redemption in Jesus Christ.

Of course once you look into it, there are so many lapsarian views. I do wonder in the much needed discussion about penal substitution, and the review of the highly negative view evangelicalism has had of human nature as a result, if we are in danger of lapsing (pun intended), into a new pelagianism.

The pendulum swings, and we have too high a view of human nature, it's potential, and Jesus is about helping me become what I was already wanting to be, and had it within me to become.

How do we speak of the need for Jesus, as an alternative basis of reality, of the Gospel as making an exchange, completely, for my life.

I don't just find the cross a metaphor and story to locate my story in, to give it extra meaning, and christian content. Instead I embrace the cruciform life, my identity and my story become part of the story of Jesus himself.

How do we express that without falling (no pun intended this time) into the negative views of humanity that are so unhelpful from previous expressions.

Or maybe in writing that, I just took a stab at an articulation.