Intuitive Leadership


If you haven't met him already, let me introduce you to Tim Keel, and his new book.

Tim has been involved with Emergent US near it's inception.

He's the founding pastor/planter of Jacobs Well,a well known emerging church (I've been a few times and they are just the most wonderful community).

Tim has a blog, that he needs to write on more often here.

And Tim has a book that came out recently, 'Intuitive Leadership'. To say it's good would be an understatement.

It's personal, engaging, linked to the emerging church context directly, arises out of the real experience of planting and leading a church, as well a referencing some of the key issues of postmodernity, emerging culture and leadership theory and practice.

And I get the chance to catch up with him for a few hours on saturday, during a lay over on his trip to Africa for the Amahoro Gathering.