Critiques of the Emerging Church


At the end of my week on evangelicalism, I wrote a post about the need to always critique whatever form of church we are most engaged with, and included a list of resources that have helped with with regards to doing that with evangelicalism.

I'm trying to be as vigorous with my critiquing of emerging church as of evangelicalism (especially with my PhD). If you're wondering what 10 years of my immersion and journey with emerging church has led me to, I'm still pretty much on the same page as when I wrote this.

I'd come across lots of audio, video, article and book critiques of the emerging church, that have been poorly researched, polemical, crude and unhelpful.

Until a few weeks ago, when I go this book by Kevin Deyoung, and Ted Kluck, 'Why we're not emergent: By two guys who should be'.

I'm not going to write a detailed review, but I will suggest one of the best reviews I read by Jonathan Leeman. Even though it is mostly US based, it includes so many key people and ideas of the emerging church.

It's thoughtful, charitable, and asks some far more difficult questions, and umasks much of the naieve enthusiasm surrounding emerging church.

So out of all the book on emerging church I recommend, I know have a great critique to recommend too.