What type of theologian are you?


In David Ford's excellent 'A Very Short Introduction to Theology', there is a typology for theologians.

I thought it might be fun to turn it into a one of those personality/movie character type quizzes (or at least for me to see if I could make one).

So instead of which super hero are you, what kind of theologian are you?

So click the quiz link, find out what kind of theologian you are and post your result here.

And remember it's just for fun! I'm type 4 'traditioned'. ------

What type of theologian are you?

Type 4: TraditionedLike type 3 you don't allow any one world view to dominate an accommodation of your beliefs. You see type 3 as unstable, and that there is no neutral middle place to stand. Instead you are committed to a Christian belief tradition, but know that you need to test it against other worldviews.You see your faith as the location to critique other world views"Faith seeking understanding' might be your motto.You are most like Karl Barth
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