Philosophy & Liturgy Conference: Calvin May 20-22


I'm going to this conference at Calvin next month (20-22 May). The title is 'Philosophy and Liturgy: Ritual, Practice, and Embodied Wisdom'.

Anyone reading this going? I've had a couple of people who are going email me after reading the piece I wrote for the Church and Postmodernity site.

Would be great to meet any of you who read this who are going, or are in the area. Would be great to find some more people to drink beer and process the event with.

The event is described as "bringing together leading scholars in philosophy and theology to investigate key themes in worship with the tools of philosophy, with the ultimate goal of informing practice. There is also the reciprocal goal of letting liturgical practice become a fund for philosophical reflection on classic questions and themes. The conference will thus stage a reciprocal encounter between philosophy and liturgy, with the goal of generating a liturgical philosophy, and a philosophically-informed liturgy."

I'm going as a part of my PhD research, given the topic and that some of the main speakers are authors of key texts I have just been reading.