Fools Gold: Bumping into Movie Stars


I've got some time off work, so with my wife and kids, we went into london for an early dinner at 'Planet Hollywood' (if you go, do so at night, when you can't see how run down the place is now) then tried to get to the Häagen-Dazs cafe for dessert.

Completely by accident, and without any planning we arrived at Leicester Square, just as Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson were walking the red carpet for the premier of their new film.

After catching a glimpse of them, we found the entrance to the Haggen Daaz shop closed, and the policeman we spoke too said we could get into the ice cream palour by the rear disabled access door.

Once inside we found that after getting our ice-creams we could exit the store behind the policeman who had blocked our entrance, and stand less than 4 feet away from the movies stars as they were interviewed.


The police and staff quickly caught on to our accidental route, and sopped anyone else making their way through.

So we enjoyed our icreams, talked about how orange both stars were with their spray tans, and marvelled at the cult of celebrity. I did contemplate how easy it would have been to get on national news, by throwing an ice-cream over Matthew McConaughey.

Although he was orange, my wife did confirm that he was better looking in real life than on screen. Then we made our way through the crowds to the London Eye.