Subverting the Empire: Brian Walsh and Sylvia Keesmaat in the UK


I got this from Jonny Baker, some information for a Blah event that's coming up, with two great writers. Pass it on.

------- "Brian Walsh and Sylvia Keesmaat are over in the UK doing some stuff for Bristol diocese.

We have managed to scoop them up to do three blah... days. I absolutely love their book Colossians Remixed and have been a fan of Brian’s writing over the years. His book Transforming Vision changed my life!

So I expect these days to be really good. Please spread the word. We are not doing printed publicity – just e-mail, blogs etc.

People can book online as follows - Manchester June 5 - Birmingham June 17 - Oxford June 18 -

cheers jonny baker "

Walsh serves as the Christian Reformed Church chaplain to the University of Toronto. With Richard J. Middleton, he wrote The Transforming Vision and Truth Is Stranger Than It Used to Be (both IVP). He is also the author of Langdon Gilkey (University Press of America, 1992) and Subversive Christianity (Alta Vista College Press, 1994).

Keesmaat is adjunct professor of biblical studies and hermeneutics at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto. She wrote two articles for the IVP Women's Bible Commentary, and she wrote the book Paul and His Story (Sheffield, 1999). She is also editor of The Advent of Justice (Dordt College Press, 1994).