Book idea..?


Paul writes...Jason and I have been talking about writing a book about deep church. One of the practical difficulties of deep church so far is that it is:

a) primarily academic/rooted in the academy at present

b) dense

c) hard to imagine what this looks/feels/tastes like in practice and therefore why bother/get excited about it.

My own feeling would be to take a book idea like Doug Paggitt's book on Church re-imagined and adapt it to write practically about what we are doing around the values of deep church that we have in our own church community/context. Not that I'm saying that we are the example of deep church in action just an example that people may find helpful.

In terms of content the chapters would echo the values, something like:

Introduction - theory and practice

Chapter 1: what is thing called deep church and why are we in it? (thinking/practice/acacemic context)

Chapter 2: our context: who, what, where we are and why this might not work for you or work differently (i.e. an example not THE example).

Chapter 3: Positive church not pancea church - rediscovering our churchianity, doing life together = best/worst of each other and how we connect that

Chaper 4: historical not hysterical - living out biblical/church history/metaphors/narrative that inspires/informs our reimaging/re-interpreting our heritage for our environment - for example if church is family then what do we do with kids?

Chapter 5: Practices of Personal/communal faith - weekly faith/orientation - the challenges/tension of Jesus, me and the church

Chapter 6: Creative/programmed - right and left brained, spontaneity, creativity and play in structures and programmes

Chapter 7: Our place amongst many - fitting in with and promoting other churchs/denominations

Chapter 8: Mission, participation and prioritisation - the ongoing process of re-orientation away from consumerism towards a communally practised christian faith

Chapter 9: conclusions/wrap up

Chapter 10/appendix: resources/share our stories

I'd love to know:

What do you think about the idea? What would you like to know more about (certainly for instance what we do with kids and spirtual formation)? What else would you like to see in or taken out?