Sharia law debate: What do you think?


After The Archbishop of Canterbury's lecture about Sharia law, which has caused so much controversy, The Evangelical Alliance UK, have started a section on their web site, to discuss this issue.

In their own words, 'The controversy over the Archbishop of Canterbury has escalated this conversation, and we feel this is an opportune time to widen the debate to the broader Christian community.'

They are looking for your views, in particular around these questions:

1. How can religious conscience and values be protected in a secular state?

2. What is your view of Sharia law operating within the British legal system? Do you see any acceptable way aspects of Sharia could be integrated?

3. What is the relationship like between Christians and Muslims in your area? Can you describe any local examples of good or bad relations?

4. Do you agree with the Archbishop of Canterbury that, as the established/majority religion, Christians should attempt to speak for the liberties and consciences of people of other faiths in Britain as well as our own?

5. How do you think the Evangelical Alliance should respond to this debate?

To let them know your answers go here.