Is grace that amazing?


"Amazing grace"-- what does that even mean? How does that look in my life? The term "grace of God" is thrown around pretty loosely, which doesn't give the opportunity to really consider what that really means.

And today, it really hit me. My story as a Christian is pretty uneventful, well, at least when there are stories of redemption from people who lived their lives in drugs, alcohol, sex, etc and can pinpoint where they saw God's grace save them from whatever they were involved in.

I grew up in a Christian household, became a Christian at the age of 4... and my life reflected that. I did not really have a time where God was knocking at my heart and I felt the overwhelming sense of God's grace in my life.

But in the idea of redemption in my life, grace takes on a very different and personal meaning when really taking a look at how grace takes away the regrets and pitfalls in my life. When I take the time to look at the ugly sides and never-to-be-shown areas of my life, I realize how much God's grace plays a part in my everyday life. It was there for me in the hard times of life, it influenced who my friends are/were/will be, how I get through every day, how I show love and grace to others.

The well-known verse Romans 5:8 says "And while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." If I lived my life in full knowledge of this idea, my life would look so different. I would fully understand what Jesus' grace did for me and I would want to do nothing else besides show grace to others.

Since doing that is not fully possible, since I am a sinful woman, how does grace show up in my life? Is it really that big of a deal? Is it possible?

I know there are areas and people that I need to show grace (and forgiveness) to. I guess it just takes the grace of God to be able to do overcome my sinfulness to show that grace to others.

If we all showed more grace to each other because of the overwhelming grace we received from Christ's death on the cross, the world would be a much better and graceful place to live.

How can you and I continue to strive to show that grace to all that we encounter, not just people, but institutions and groups of people and churches... pretty much anyone?