Beth and Traci go to Church

When Beth Bates heard Jim Henderson talk about his book Jim and Casper go to Church she sensed God saying to her "I have a writing assignment for you".

Beth and Traci are writers and good friends. Traci is an atheist and Beth is a Christian but that's never got in the way of their friendship.

Beth suggested to Traci that they visit Christian women's ministry meetings and write about their experiences. Traci agreed and their visits began last month.

Traci and Beth have been alternately writing about their visits on our ChurchRater blog. This series gives you an opportunity to see Christian meetings through the eyes of an atheist. If you want to know how to connect with atheists this is valuable information.

Beth and Traci were interviewed by Beth's pastor recently. You can watch the video here (the segment with them starts at 37 minutes).

You'll enjoy Traci and Beth's series as well as learning from it - they are both awesome writers: funny, engaging and articulate. Come check out Beth and Traci go to Church and see for yourself!