I've recommended before. It's the Mars Hill Graduate School's journal. The latest issue no.11 is online, and is focused on Atheism, with a nod to the emerging 'New Atheists' of late.

This is not a lightweight christian vs atheism debate, but an in depth exploration of atheism, it's roots in history, belief developments, and intersections with Christianity.

From the intro on the site:

'We believe that heavily publicized science-religion debates tend to obscure the broader influence and character of modern atheism and how it might be more genuinely and critically engaged. Although currently popular atheists may disguise atheism as the result of scientific thinking, atheistic roots predate modern science—and what is more, famous atheists like Voltaire, Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud, who potentially offer a more rigorous challenge to Christianity, tend to argue from a larger cultural ethos rather than a specific scientific position.'