Last call for controlling church leaders


Your last call and chance to help Barb Orlowski with her research. See the original request below from October 2007, and thank you from Barb for everyone who has gotten involved. -------

A new friend, Barb Orlowski, is on the Doctor of Ministry program at A.C.T.S. Seminaries in Langley, B.C., Canada. Barb needs some help with her doctoral dissertation research. She is conducting a survey among Christians who have experienced emotional and spiritual distress under authoritarian and controlling church leaders and have recovered from this experience.

She has prepared two surveys. One survey is for those who have experienced this situation in their church life and the other is for pastors/ministers/priests who have been able to provide comfort and spiritual guidance to those who have come to them for help. If the criteria sounds like you, she would welcome your participation in this study. The information in the attachment should give more details about this project.

Please address all emails about this to Barb at the following address: