Getting into the Bible in 2008


Last year I wrote about how I felt challenged to me more formed by the bible in my life, and that of my church community.

So amongst my decisions and resolutions for 2008, I'm committing to a year of orientation with scripture, using these different methods/resources:

1. Memorisation: I began last year with the Topical Memory System, to memrise bible verses. I have been recalling them as I take my runs each week.

I've found the rhythm of exercise, with music, and the recall and reflection of the bible to be so refreshing, and prayer inspiring. It's wonderful to carry the bible around inside me more than it was before.

2. Reading the Whole Bible: The International Bible Society (IBS) have a version of the TNIV bible called The Books of the Bible, and I got hold of a copy over Christmas.

It's got several great features, including the removal of verse numbers, footnotes, and the books are ordered according to literary type and chronological order. This to help people read whole books of the bible as books, rather than reducing them to atomized verses etc.

The IBS provide several reading plans, but the one I am going to use is provided by Winn Griffin.

You can sign up for this on line, and have an email sent to you with the reading plan. In other words you get an email each week reminding you which pages to read, with the goal of reading the whole bible in 100, 200 or 300 days.

3. Overview of the Bible Story: I'm also going to read the book I referenced last year by Winn Griffin called God's Epic Adventure.

Winn uses Tom Wrights 5 act play approach to scripture (which I think was derived from Urs von Balthasar's theodramatic theory). Don't be put of by that technical background, the book is not a heavy theological book, but easily readable.

Providing an overview of the bible as Story, with the key themes of the Christian faith, and guidance on how to locate ourselves in the bible story, this is one of the best overviews of the bible I've seen.

4. The Bible Experience (Audio):Then there is The Bible Experience from Zondervan, an audio presentation and reading of the whole bible.

I think I'll be listening to this when I'm out running. It is simply stunning. If you want an audio version of the bible, get this!

5. Gospel of Mark: I'm also going to teach through the Gospel of Mark in our church community over this year, and try immerse myself deeply into one book of the bible.

I'll also be talking with our church community about getting to the bible and seeing if anyone wants to keep me company with all or some of these ventures.

Anything you'll be doing with the bible this year?