The 70 ideas that made 2007


It's that time of year when everyone starts looking back before looking ahead.

I know I'm trying to finalise everything today, so I'm ready for our communities last organised events this weekend, before some time off. And I'm looking more and more into my diary for 2008, wondering what will happen in the light of this year.

The New York Times, has produced this article (thanks to Tim Wright for the heads up), that looks back at 2007, with regards to the key ideas that shaped and made 2007.

I wondered, as you look back at 2007, what have been the main ideas that you see as the most significant in 2007?

Some more info on the NY Times article:

"For the seventh consecutive December, the magazine looks back on the passing year through a special lens: ideas. Editors and writers trawl the oceans of ingenuity, hoping to snag in our nets the many curious, inspired, perplexing and sometimes outright illegal innovations of the past 12 months. Then we lay them out on the dock, flipping and flopping and gasping for air, and toss back all but those that are fresh enough for our particular cut of intellectual sushi. For better or worse, these are 70 of the ideas that helped make 2007 what it was. Enjoy."