I'm in a resource posting mood this week, after last weeks reflections and writings. BTW I'll get a link up to the MP3s from last week's Emergent Germany, when I get them.

So to todays resource. If you like the TED video cast resources, you might like these even more, at Pop!TEch. You can also subscribe to video and podcasts here in itunes.

They are like TED, except more focused on culture and technology. The describe themselves as:

"Pop!Tech’s community is eclectic – intellectually, creatively, politically and culturally. But we do share some common values.

The folks who both produce and participate in Pop!Tech passionately believe:

* That individuals and small groups have the power to shape the future * That all of us together are smarter than any of us alone * That good ideas should trump ideologies – whether on the Left or Right * That robust debate is the sign of a community’s health * That tomorrow will be more surprising than today * That progress is possible.

Each year, Pop!Tech convenes with these values in mind."