Is there any 'giveness' to church anymore?


This post is short piece I have written for 'The Church and Post Modern Culture' blog. You can read and comment on it here (heads up, it is a largely academic theological, and philosophical zone/discussion area).

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It does seem that with the movements of  structure to agency , and of the cataphatic to the apophatic, there remains very little 'giveness' with regards to the ontology of church anymore.

We become individuals who are prior to the church, in terms of our experience, being and identity.  The church at times has tried to control Christian identity and formation, with hegemonic filtering, and authorization/censure.

However do we now see Christian identity collapsing into the bricolage of a ‘shallow pick and mix-ipod-download-what ever I want -whenever I want’ of consumer agency and private God Spaces?

It seems that the main way to express and experience any 'givenness to church', is to leave church, for a 'post-church' being, as expressions of 'authentic' identity and being.  If so, can we re-discover what it means for Christian identity to be formed in community together?

I'm sure an understanding of  liminality, is one way to navigate this  transitional time, but over to you for ideas/thoughts?