Christian Eschatology & Contemporary Culture Day conference


What Are We Waiting For? is a one-off, one day conference from Spring Harvest and King’s College London for church leaders and members who are passionate about the place of theology in the church.

Featuring leading thinkers and theologians, the conference will unpack the major themes of Christian eschatology including the Second Coming of Christ, the end of the world as we know it, eschatology in the Old and New Testament, the doctrines of heaven and hell and contemporary issues such as art, culture and the environment.

In an ever engaging, sometimes bewildering and often controversial area, What are we waiting for? will provoke new questions and fresh answers.

The conference takes place all day on 26 January 2008, at Kings College, London.  The price is £12 but includes a complimentry book "What are we waiting for? Eschatology and contemporary culture."

Full details of the day and how to book are available from the flyer here: what_are_we_waiting_for.pdf or online here: