A thoughtful response to the Golden Compass


I've seen a few emails doing the rounds, asking Christian's to boycott the new film 'The Golden Compass', mainly under the premise that the stories author is an ardent atheist, and anti-christian.

A sure fire way to make people watch it, and have people think Christians are unstable fundamentalists.

Now it's a few years since I read his books, and I enjoyed them, and found the 'doctrine of creation' he articulates in the books, more christian than the forms of christianity he rails against. And there's the rub for me; Pullman writes against a form of Christianity that is a parody, something of his own 'monster making' (much as Richard Dawkins does).

This is not a book by someone who understands 'real christianity', and is seeking to undermine it, but someone seeking to hit out at his caricatures of Christianity, which most Christians would not associate with any way.

And the argument that christians should avoid the film because he's an atheist, are bizarre. Does every christian choose a film on the basis of whether someone is an atheist or not? Probably not.

For a thoughtful look into the issues of Pullman's anti christian sentiment, with a free download, and chance for me to plug/recommend again the superb Mars Hill Audio, go here.