When all feels said, what is to be done?


So, here I sit. Here I think. I just had a great conversation via email today with a friend of mine in Denver who just recently started to "get" this following Jesus bit. So I've been answering (and asking) many a question everyday. And the neat thing, is that he gets it. He gets missional. He gets the 'new way' or rather, the 'old way' of doing things. And he's bringing it up. It's in him without me doing a thing but confirming that he's not crazy (or at least not alone).

So here I sit (lay on my floor in my two bedroom 'flat' in Northern Colorado actually) and I have nothing to say. Nothing new anyway.

Has it all been said? To my friend in Denver it's new; but what about to us? From missional to post-modern to homosexuality and feminism to cussing and scripture. From defending our faith and trying not to offend. From provoking to think and pausing to meditate, is there anything left?.

I'm sure something will arise out of ashes like a great Phoenix (I have a Phoenix tattoo on my back), but as of now, I'm done. I don't want to repeat what others have said better than I. I want to pause, and reflect, and learn...and do.

So what is there? What have we missed? What has not been said? Is there something new? Or is there nothing new under the sun? Something will emerge (no pun intended), but until then, maybe for me, it's a selah moment. A moment to pause and reflect on it all. Not in a giving up way, but in a way that refreshes me to move forward with new eyes and new life.

I'm not done. Like the song goes, "We've only just begun..."


David Fisher