What to say and how to say it


We had a session yesterday titled, 'what to say and how to say it'.

Nick Page began with a brief overview the process/structure of author, message, medium, and reader. He suggested that the reader was the most important element in working out what to say and how, and where.

In that sense he offered a reader-response hermeneutic. And then ran a series of process questions that we can use when working out what to write, and how, as follows.

1. Receiver: Who is going to read what we write/produce? The receiver determines what and how we communicate. Think carefully about who you are wanting to communicate with first.

2. Medium: A book may not be the best medium to communicate to your reader, it might be a blog, podcast, journal, magazine, video etc. In a society of elective non-readers, books often are't the best medium for communication.

3. Message: What is the core of your message? What are you trying to say? Spend some time on working that out next, have some idea before you write.

4. Form/Structure: What form fits your reader, and message. Use that for your communication.

Next post will be from the session on structure, that followed this one.